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Keri Phillips, Author

Over the years I have been delighted and excited to work with a wide variety of people and organisations, ranging from small family businesses to global enterprises – commercial, public and voluntary. Linked to this I have had the pleasure of co-authorship. For example,

- ‘A Consultancy Approach for Trainers and Developers’. Gower. 1997. This was with Patricia Shaw. We wrote this to explore and capture a key trend where training and consultancy began rapidly to evolve and often merge in order to meet the need for organisational learning.

- ‘The Management of Interpersonal Skills Training’. Gower. 1982. This was with Tony Fraser. It reflected our work at Roffey Park Management College where we supported internal and external trainers and consultants in developing versatility for meeting the personal and leadership development needs of their clients.

- ‘Unfinished Business : the Theory and Practice of Personal Process Work’. Gower. 1984. This was with Neil Clark and Dave Barker. This book also reflected time spent at Roffey Park Management College, working with approaches to personal development stemming from T-Groups and the humanistic tradition.

Throughout all this I have received excellent training and support from a variety of sources, both formally and informally. A core theme has been my interest in transactional analysis which can provide so many invaluable perspectives on individual and organisational life. Having the opportunity to be the keynote speaker as a recent UKATA Conference gave me a wonderful sense of coming home. ( A copy of my speech, ‘ Exploring Culture, Difference and Diversity in the 21st Century’ is freely available in the Online publications.